Dolce Vita - Sotto Sale - Oro di Sardegna - which will you try first?

We have selected for you the best cosmetic line, an excellence of made in Italy: MEI SPA!

It proposes unique cosmetics, based on the vital force of wild plants harvested by hand in order to maintain the natural wealth of active ingredients.


Thanks to the properties contained in these excellent cosmetics we can offer you 3 new treatments!


Dolce Vita

Enveloped in the essential oils of sweet orange and lemon, you will give new life, softness and radiance to your skin, thanks to the synergy of the refined MEI SPA products.

The ritual begins with the Dolce Vita Scrub with calibrated micro sugar crystals, followed by an elasticising massage with citrus Balance Oil and the silky, illuminating application of Sweet Orange Cream. Dolce Vita for moments of unforgettable well-being.


Under Salt

A revitalising charge given by the detoxifying power of Sicilian sea salt, enhanced by the essential oils of Piedmont peppermint and wild mint; all in synergy with the plant extracts of green tea and ginseng root.

This is the "green line" that unites the MEI SPA Sotto Sale ritual, with its general anti-stress action and toning and firming effect on the skin.



Which will you try first?